Why Us?

Why choose Tax Partners Northwest LLC?

Recently I saw an exchange in an online forum.  “C” posted that she was worried about her taxes.  She is in the process of divorcing but is still married.  She has a child and worked at several small jobs over the year, one of them as an independent contractor.

“I have Turbo Tax!  You can come over and use that!  It’s really easy!” someone offered.

Now, this person is kind and has good intentions.  But a situation like this is not easy.  If I was doing “C’s” taxes, I would want to do them at least two ways, maybe three.  Will she benefit more from married filing jointly?  If she doesn’t want to file with her soon to be ex, what will it look like if she files separately?  They lived apart for most of the year, could she qualify to file as head of household?  Also “C” and her daughter live with “C’s” mother.  Could “C” be her mother’s dependent?  Could grandma get more money by claiming the granddaughter than “C” would?

So many questions, and I haven’t even started doing the tax return yet!  Turbo Tax and others like it are good programs, but they only know what you tell them.  In a situation like “C’s,” not knowing the different options available could cost her several thousand dollars.  An online program will work well for a single person with one or two W-2s.  But every year I fix several self-prepared returns where the person doing them didn’t know what they didn’t know and cost themselves thousands. 

The moral of the story?  When in doubt, check with a tax professional.  We know the questions to ask, and will dig for every deduction and credit you may have coming.

  • Tax Partners Northwest is locally owned and our office is open year-round to assist our clients throughout the year as your financial and job situations change. We can help you plan ahead to lessen your tax burden for the upcoming year.
  • We get to know you as an individual and can provide guidance on decisions that will affect the taxes you pay in the future. No need to worry about being assigned to someone who has only been doing taxes for a few months. Our tax professionals are all Enrolled Agents, CPAs or are certified by IRS. We have many years of experience in preparing taxes.
  • Your tax return will be reviewed in a private office with you, in person if you wish, and you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered. 
  • If you are a new client and provide us with the previous year’s tax return and information, we will review that return at no charge. Often we find a mistake or something that was overlooked. We can file an amended return if requested. There is a fee only if you choose to have us amend your return.
  • We are members of this community and small business owners ourselves. We understand the needs of local small business owners and are happy to share our knowledge and experience.